A New Year, A New Journey, A New Book

“One Year = 365 Opportunities”

Last year, 2016, was quite the rollercoaster. There were great times and there were bad, the ending wasn’t what I hoped it would be but do things ever happen the way we want them to?

I did, however, learn quite a bit from this recent year. I’ve learned to open myself up to people; it’s hard yes and sometimes disappointing in the end, but so worth it. I’ve learned that you can’t trust everyone who claims to be your friend; and those who are will do everything to keep that bond. I’ve re-learned the importance of family, that in the end the arguments and fights don’t matter. Just love. Family isn’t just blood, it includes the ones you bond so closely with (like your best friend that brings you a WHOLE container of chocolates when you’re sad.)

I’m not big on the idea of “a new year, a new me” because I become a “new” me every time something major happens. I learn something new about myself every day because every day I grow. So for this new year, 2017, I welcome the new journeys I will go on, the opportunities I plan on taking, and if my life were a book series this year would entitle a new book release.

I am horrible at time management and communication, so because of events from last year I am hoping to improve these. I want to make more time to go see my wonderful family members who spread themselves around the state. You never know when you might not see someone again, and it’ll be a terrible thing when they are gone. I also want to make sure to talk to everyone I love and cherish, even if it’s a simple “just checking in on you.”

As an introvert I know these simple tasks (along with many others) are going to be hard, I find comfort in not leaving my comfort zone but sometimes venturing out can be a good thing. Plus, if I want to take advantage of all those 365 opportunities (well more like 356 now, but who’s counting?) I’m going to have to leave my little zone of comfort.

Even with the grief-filled ending of 2016, I am excited for what 2017 has to offer. Good or bad, everything will work out the way it should. Even if it’s not the way I want or hope. So let’s see where these next twelve chapters take me, it’s an adventure waiting to happen. An ending that we can’t foresee and no foreshadowing? It already sounds exciting!

Lots of Love,

Felie Fel ♥