About Me


“There’s a silver lining to every situation, it’s just a matter of how hard you look.”

While my life hasn’t been the easiest or the hardest, it has had it’s up and downs like everyone else. In my twenty-one years on this earth I have learned to always look for the bright side of things; which I know can be so very difficult at times. Even when my mind thinks of the most impossible circumstances that could happen (because trust me it does), I will always find that silver lining because flowers can’t bloom without light. Now onto brighter things!

The reason for this blog: To have my voice, thoughts, and opinions heard, but mostly because my best friend’s mama said why not. Everyone wants to be heard and I’m no different. Being an introvert I prefer to keep to myself and just observe the world and people around me, so having my voice heard is a tad bit more difficult seeing as how if I don’t have to speak I won’t. Since writing and reading and grammar (mostly reading though) cover some of my interests, I figured “I can just write all my stuff down and not have to worry about what other people think.” So as of right now, Felie Fel’s Pages will contain a variety of content to my personality and liking; book reviews, thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc.

Then here’s a little bit about me…

1. I LOVE reading, seriously you should see my bookshelves.

2. While my room is always messy, I’m a pretty organized person.

3. Let’s not talk about my crazy OCD issues…

4. I love my family and friends very very much; if I’m not at school or work then I’m with them.

5. I’m a dog person not a cat person, even though I don’t have any pets.

6. Supernatural is life. It’s that simple.

7. I’m sucker for Starbucks, well all coffee. I can’t live without it.

Only seven things for now because who knows, there could be a future blog post with more… Plus seven is my favorite number!

Lots of Love,

Felie Fel

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