City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

“Sometimes you don’t have to search out danger, sometimes danger finds you.” – Isabelle Lightwood

With this second installment of The Mortal Instruments, I noticed that there was less dialogue than the first book. I like that there was a balance between the two books. Sometimes too much of one or the other makes the book harder to get through, or it makes me want to skip over it which means I could potentially miss something, and we wouldn’t want that. Every word in the story is important. So I’m definitely curious to see if the third book has more of one or an equal balance.

Now I did have one small pet peeve with City of Ashes… While I love the Shadowhunter world, there was one thing that keeps popping up that I can’t help but wonder; Did Clare do her research properly? I ask thing because I use to take karate courses and there is just certain things you don’t forget, like learning how to fall  correctly. Shadowhunters are professional fighters and I couldn’t help but notice that these professional fighters not once fell correctly. The way they fall is the way you fall if you aren’t trained properly and can hurt yourself, versus when you are trained to fight, you are taught to fall a certain way so that you don’t hurt yourself and the fact that these professional fighters don’t peeves me a bit.

Nevertheless, I love City of Ashes for so many other reasons! Clare brings in characters that were mentioned in the first book, City of Bones, but never made an actual appearance. I thought that was super awesome because let’s face it, you either forget of mentioned characters or die of curiosity because they had to be mentioned for a reason. Plus, the new characters that were mentioned in this book also made an appearance. Although, there is one new character who… well let’s just she isn’t what she seems so please give her some slack.

Clary is… well she’s something else. Not in a bad way, I love Clary; but I find it so funny the things she notices and the things she’s oblivious too. *Insert laugh here* Like Simon, you’re reading  and you see all these signs that he loves her and yet she’s so surprised when she finds out. I can related to Clary on this level, because I am the exact same way. It’s ridiculous because when you’re told something you should already know, you’re just like “Oh, I uh I should have known that.” Yet as I’m reading I can find the hilarity in it. Now I know why my mother laughs at me haha.

Yet where there is light there is always dark, so with all the love and the laughter there is also pain and suffering. Jace, my poor Jace… I don’t even know where to begin without giving anything away! Simon may now be a vampire, Clary may not have her mother at the moment, Alec may be keeping his own secrets, but Jace, Jace go on a journey he didn’t choose. All because of who his father is, his struggle is the hardest and you feel with him. You feel his internal struggle and it’s so awful because you’re shouting out “It’s not his fault! He didn’t choose his father!” as you’re reading and you get so angry at the way he’s treated. City of Ashes definitely deserves the hashtag of #TheStruggleIsReal.

All things considered, I should probably mention the Seelie Queen. She’s got sugar, spice, and nothing nice to offer. She knows all and speaks nothing but the truth even if it doesn’t seem like it. She does that thing people do that irks everyone, where you say the truth in a vague way that leaves room for more but doesn’t say more. So all those  secrets hinted at in City of Bones, you know the ones you thought you uncovered? Well in this second installment, City of Ashes, you’ve just discovered many, many more…

Lots of Love,

Felie Fel ♥