Evermore by Alyson Noël

“…the only thing I can clearly remember is dying.” – Ever

Coping with death is hard, and how do you cope with the death of your entire family? Is there a right or wrong way? And how do you deal with the weird psychic powers you get waking up after?

Alyson Noël has created a world much different from the usual, its mysterious and attracting. It’s full of angst and love, death and secrets; it even mixes teenage drama and paranormal excitement. Though the paranormal part is a tad different from the usual stuff like vampires and werewolves. Noël plays with a fascinating idea that I wish I could just give away, but that would give away part of the plot!

The title, Evermore, is appealing in itself. It actually give a little foreshadowing to the story, here’s a hint: always. Always what though? Well that I can’t say. Besides that, one of the simple signs in this first installment to a six-book series that I adore are the red tulips that Ever always seems to receive. Because red tulips are reserved just for her…

The characters have such vast personalities and she shows snippets of their problems, of what they are going through. I enjoy that the background characters don’t really feel like their in the background. I love Haven’s erratic need to be notice and what she’ll do to get it and Miles, oh boy. Miles is such a sweetheart! The perfect peace-keeper who balances everyone out. Noël doesn’t forget to add the classic high school mean girls either, though they aren’t a huge part of this book.  Evermore is written in first person. This makes it feel like you are experiencing Ever’s life as if you are Ever. Her voice makes her story seem so very real. She definitely has some baggage but then again, who doesn’t?

So follow Ever as she struggles to adjust to her new life in California, as she meets a mysterious yet attractive young man, and as she senses some dark dread coming her way. What will she do once she realizes she can block her newfound abilities? Can she trust the dreamy new guy? I would, he’s so otherworldly.

Lots of Love,

Felie Fel ♥