Fallen by Lauren Kate

“Then there was nothing, nothing at all.” – Fallen

Let me start by saying that Fallen was a sinfully delicious read. The way light and darkness are twisted together is alluring, captivating the mind to take a deeper look into this twisted love story. Covers always draw me in first and this cover was not a disappointing; sexy and creepy, with a one word title was perfection for this book.

Besides the story line (which was fascinating), the vocabulary that Lauren Kate uses is astounding; reading this book has actually increased my own vocabulary. While she uses words that don’t seem like they would fit in today’s world or that you may not recognize, they actually compliment the story very well. Fallen probably has the best usage of vocabulary than any other book I’ve read.

The characters in Fallen are thought-provoking; they give one impression but as you continue to read you learn deeper contents about each character. I love the way Lauren Kate makes the characters relatable to readers through their dialogue. They don’t seem phony, or too much, they feel like regular people.

Coming from a high end prep school and going to a lowly reform school is tough; the lovely Luce tries her hardest to fit in. It doesn’t go quite as planned though, seeing as her shadows of the past have followed her and she comes off as a crazy stalker to bad boy Daniel. But Daniel, as well as the rest of the school, have their own secrets to keep hidden.

And of course what Luce doesn’t know won’t kill her. At least that’s how it’s been the past few centuries..

Lots of Love,

Felie Fel ♥