Firewalker by Josephine Angelini

“They did catch me, and then they put me in the barn.” – Lillian

The struggle between magic and science doesn’t end. There’s a new lesson to be learned, one that is constantly reiterated with every story; everything has consequences. There is a reason why you aren’t suppose to steal things from other worlds, learning and stealing are two very different things.

Lily’s journey continues with the second installment to the Worldwalker series, Firewalker. I appreciated that Firewalker picked up right where Trial By Fire ended; I don’t usually find books where the series picks up directly, as they usually do a quick recap. This book also had a bit of a slower pace than the first, but that was perfectly fine because it gave me time to enjoy the peace and love that Angelini had for her characters. It also gave me time to understand certain characters that I thought I would never understand.

I found that there were not too many new characters in this book, in fact I feel like Firewalker focused more on the development of the previous characters and the plot. For example, Lily grew a lot in the first installment but you can ‘see’ her growth in this installment. It’s amazing to read the depth of development that she took, it was amazing how she struggled through her obstacles. Angelini helps Lily develop with an interesting strategy, she writes memories from Lilian and from those shared memories we discover the why’s we had in Trial By Fire. This was definitely something I enjoyed!

Another fantastic detail I love is the fierceness of the story, not just the story line but also the characters. In some way, each character holds a fierceness to them. I savor the emotions that Angelini is able to pull, the pain of heartbreak and betrayals, the understanding and love, the death and truth of so much. Every secret that is held is just a new discovery for Worldwalker series, and what we think is the end is simply the beginning to a new discovery.

When trouble follows her back to her own world, Lily is thrust back into her alternate’s world. Only this time there is more than just one enemy, it’s no longer her alternate self. Lily discovers secrets and keeps her own, she’s becoming more powerful, and unexpected events occur. So with death and betrayal following her and time running thin, the question becomes: Which side will she choose? Is she willing to become the villain and sacrifice a few to save millions?

There’s only one way to find out…

Lots of Love,

Felie Fel ♥