Get Stuff Done.

Well the first week of school was a success!! I’ve my planner and calendar ready to be filled with assignments. This semester I’m on campus three days a week, two whole days and one half day. So far (yes I know the semester just started) I’m loving my classes! How are you liking your classes? Plan on dropping any?

So I have a few goals for this semester, not just for the new year ? They’re pretty simple and straight forward. Here they are:

  • Get Straight A’s.
  • Meet some new people.
  • Maybe get out a little more. (This is a maybe because I got a lot of books for Christmas and can’t wait to finish them.)
  • Possibly move closer to campus.
  • Stay on track. (This one should probably be at the top..)

Making a goal list can be difficult because it seems like they’ll never be completed. Solution? Make your goals small, break the big goals into smaller pieces. Smaller goals are simple and sometimes easier to accomplish. Little daily goals have a better chance at being accomplished than yearly ones due to being small and simple. Not that I’m saying big ones can’t  be accomplished because they can. Just not by me. And maybe others.

So what are your goals for this semester? How do you plan to accomplish them?

Lots of Love,

Felie Fel ♥