Hoot Hoot Hooray!

“Her soul belongs to words and books. Every time she reads, she is home.” – found on Pinterest

I don’t know about you, but once I found out there was such a thing as boxes filled with bookish goodies I went on hunt and discovered so many of them! Each one is different from the other and located in different places and they are just so many! I had to have one! But I never got around to getting one. So I’m very excited as one great friend gifted me with a box of bookish goodies from OwlCrate. I was ecstatic, thrilled, overfilled with joy, and was not disappointed! 

Every company of bookish goodies has a monthly theme that is different from one another. OwlCrate’s March theme was Sailors, Ships, & Seas, interesting as you think what could they possibly fill in that box in relation to this? *Note: I was so stoked about this that I snapped my entire opening to this box to my best friend as soon as I got it.*

This box was filled with so many great items! I beautiful necklace, a pirate owl pin, mermaid washi tape, a little notepad with a squid (at least I think it’s a squid, I could be wrong, it could be a baby octopus), a temporary pirate tattoo (I will probably give this to my younger sister), a sticker with the autograph of the author whose book is featured, a letter from the author, a tea towel with a ship, and a BOOK!! An entire freaking book!!! This month’s featured book is Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller. There were also a couple of cute little postcards/flyers.

This is the first that I’ve heard of Tricia Levenseller and I’ve never read a pirate themed book before so I’m very interested in what this story will tell and the journey it will take me on. Granted it will have to sit in my TBR pile for a few weeks before I can get to it, but what bookworm doesn’t have a TBR pile that is constantly growing?

Lots of Love,

Felie Fel ♥

P.S. here is a sneak peek into next month’s theme if you’re as interested in a bookish box as me!

**Disclaimer: I am not a rep for OwlCrate nor is this a review to their product. I am simply sharing my excitement of a gift that a friend gave to me for my birthday.