Some Call It OCD, I Call It Organization

Alright ladies and gents, the school year is just around the corner if it hasn’t started for you already. My brother and sisters are starting on Monday and they are not too thrilled that they have to start the school year sooner than their big sister (me). I still have almost a whole month before I go back to school (yay for the college life!). While I start later and end sooner, that just means I have to put more time and energy and focus into the semester.

We all have different ways with how we stay on top of things and how we manage our time/schedules. Let me throw it out there: I am absolutely horrible with time management, definitely not one of my strong suits when it comes to school. So how do I manage it? More so going into a university where things will be a tad bit harder?

Simple. I handle this issue of mine with my (very) slight OCD; I use visuals and colors. In the last post I noted that I tend to have various pens in my bag, well I also like to use a different colored pen for each class. I coordinate with a same colored highlighter that is only used for that class, i.e. purple for math or pink for sociology. Once each class has a color, in a planner I write whatever assignment for each class is due on whichever date in it’s color.

Since I tend to be a procrastinator and that is a big no-no for the next chapter in my life, I like to write assignments’ due dates at least one day before the actual due date. It’s still a work in progress for my mind but it does help me make sure I don’t procrastinate as much as I used to in high school.

Working on assignments with a buddy is a two-sided coin; it can be helpful or distracting (more so if you get easily distracted like me…). I find it helpful to work on single projects or assignments with someone who isn’t working on the thing. Let me give you an example; a few nights ago I was with my best friend and we both had things we had to on the computer. I had to work on a new post and she was working on something for school. Working with her, but not on the same thing, while listening to music and asking for opinions on certain things was very helpful. While we both had fun, we also finished what we needed without distractions.

Now college is very time consuming and stressful, all the studying and nonstop homework is draining… BUT we all know that it will be worth it in the end. We’re not paying thousands of dollars for an education for nothing; we will win at the end.

Our dreams will come true one day.

Lot of Love,

Felie Fel ♥