The Perfect Way To End A Summer..

What’s a more perfect way to end the summer than a trip to Vegas? With two of your best friends? And you’re all finally twenty-one?! So let me tell you lovies how awesome this past weekend was…

Isabella was the first to turn twenty one, I was the second, and we waited ALL summer long for little Stephanie to turn the big 2-1. Once she did, we went on our very first road trip! To Vegas no less! Initially we went to Las Vegas to celebrate Stephanie, but since Isabella and I waited oh-so-long for her to turn twenty-one we really celebrated all three of us. And we had such an awesome adventure both on the way up and the way home, even though I did sleep most of the ride lol. This whole weekend was packed with laughter and giggles and secrets and made for the perfect weekend vay-cay!

We stayed at this amazing hotel, the Vdara, and the view from our suite was breathtaking!! Even more so at night. Our first night there, we went to a place called barMASA. It was delectable, sushi and calamari and cocktails! Then we did some exploring in our fancy dresses; taking bathroom and elevator selfies, watching the water show in front of the Bellagio, walking through the casinos (because we can do that now!), and finally, entering The Bank (a high-end nightclub) for free!! Oh! I can’t forget about the amazing pizza we ate before heading back towards the hotel; if you ever go to Vegas please make sure to stop at Pin Up Pizza because it is utterly delicious!!

For our second day, we consumed the best chili cheese fires (so sorry I don’t remember the name of the place) and a wonderful Long Island Ice-Tea. Then we set off to discover the many places along The Strip! Not too long after, we took our first cab ride to the Excalibur where we waited to see one of the best shows! After the amazing show, we hung out at this classy little bar and met some pretty amazing people!

Sunday, after checkout, we went to this yummy BBQ place to eat some lunch (though I did not vomit, my tummy was not yet ready for food). Once on the road, Isabella and I took turns napping before we decided to play the celebrity name game (which is actually really hard!) for the last three and a half hours! Time flew by and we were finally home and ready for bed!

Overall, this weekend get-away started with laughter and ended with laughter, it was the perfect way to end this summer. It’s definitely not going to be a forgettable summer; short days, long nights, and secrets we’ll never tell…

After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! 😉

Lots of Love,

Felie Fel 

 *I have substituted the actual names of my girlies until further notice.