Trial By Fire by Josephine Angelini

“You’re in terrible danger.” – Juliet Proctor

I found the idea/story line for Trial By Fire interesting and unique; it was something new and it was something I was looking for in a book, I just didn’t realize it until I opened the pages. Once I started this adventure, I couldn’t put it down. Page after page, my mind couldn’t stop thinking ‘what’s going to happen next?!‘ I think that’s when you know it’s going to be a great read, because this book is one of my new favorites!

Trial By Fire is written in third person, which I think is something I personally prefer as it makes transferring from different perspectives of characters easier for the reader. The characters in this story are very insightful; you fall in love with certain characters, question others, understand most, hate a few, and pity a couple. The romance isn’t disappointing either, Josephine Angelini builds as well as severs the romance between characters very well, it’s not sudden which I find is enjoyable.

In Trial By Fire, worlds collide; in one magic doesn’t exist and in the other science is forbidden. Yet magic and science go hand in hand, they have more similarities than they do differences; so why doesn’t magic exist and science forbidden?

Stuck in a world that makes her sick and transported to another world that makes her the most powerful person, Lily Proctor delves into a journey of not just self-discovery but also a not-so-new world…

We’ve all dreamed of a different world we could live in. Angelini brings up the idea of not just one version of our world but an infinite number of versions, and not just of the world but also of people. So join Lily on her visit to a different rendition of Salem, Massachusetts where she meets new people including a different adaption of herself.

Lots of Love,

Felie Fel ♥